Who We Are

Who We Are

The network has a steering committee made up of youth from different disarmament and related organizations based in 5 countries.



 Selma van Oostwaard, the Netherlands (PAX)

Selma works with the Humanitarian Disarmament team at the Dutch peace organization PAX. She supports all the disarmament work at PAX with a special emphasis on the Nuclear Disarmament programme. Selma has a background in cultural anthropology,  Children’s Rights and qualitative research.  Within PAX, Selma is mainly building up disarmament campaigns, street actions and youth education programmes.

At the moment, Selma and her colleagues at PAX are working on a campaign to initiate the creation of national ban on nuclear weapons. In 2015, she, together with numerous PAX volunteers, gathered over 45.000 signatures for their national petition, which has led to a parliamentary debate on a national nuclear weapons ban.

For more information about PAX: www.paxforpeace.org

For more information about the No Nukes programme: www.nonukes.nl

Rick Wayman, United States (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation)

Rick is Director of Programs & Operations at the California-based Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF). Since 2014, Rick has worked to build support for the Nuclear Zero Lawsuits, filed by the Republic of the Marshall Islands against all nine nuclear-armed nations at the International Court of Justice, and separately against the United States in U.S. Federal Court.

In addition to his work supporting the Marshall Islands, Rick’s work at NAPF is focused on stopping U.S. plans to spend over $1 trillion in the next 30 years to “modernize” its nuclear warheads, delivery vehicles, production facilities and command and control structure.

For more information about NAPF: www.wagingpeace.org

For more information about the Marshall Islands’ lawsuits: www.nuclearzero.org

Hayley Ramsay­Jones, Switzerland (Soka Gakkai International)

Hayley is the Acting Director of the SGI Office of UN Affairs in Geneva. SGI is a Buddhist organisation that among other things is committed to the complete elimination of nuclear weapons. As part of this role she is responsible for heading up the Nuclear Disarmament programme working mainly within the context of international policy making at the United Nations. Hayley is also co­Chair of the NGO Committee for Disarmament, Geneva which facilitates and supports coordination and cooperation between civil society, NGOs, and the UN on peace and disarmament initiatives.

In previous positions Hayley has worked as a youth and diplomacy coordinator for the UK government and is a qualified youth and community worker.