What We Stand For

What We Stand For

Founding Principles (Values and Ethics)

We believe… 

1. That humanity has the right to a world free of nuclear weapons and that this is achievable.

2. That a secure, sustainable world is possible and that the elimination of all forms of nuclear weapons is essential for this to be realised.

3. That youth have an equal right to information and involvement at all levels of disarmament and peace building, and that they bring unique skills, expertise and innovations that are essential to this process.

4. That policies based on fear are counterproductive and that true peace and security can exist only when it is founded on diplomacy, cooperation and trust.

5. That respecting and embracing diversity is an active process which must underpin all peace building efforts and are committed to anti-oppressive practices both internally as a network and in our external engagements.

6. In collaboration and welcome partnerships with others who share these founding principles. New partnerships will be discussed within the Steering Committee.

Protecting Equality, Diversity and Dignity

Amplify will respect and protect the rights, dignity and freedoms of each person that it engages with to its best ability and with full awareness that it must exercise its duty of care. It will not discriminate on grounds of ethnicity, race, gender or gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal attribute. Whilst actively promoting safe and respectful behaviour, it will thoroughly consider and take appropriate action to address issues that are in conflict with the founding principles. Any person or persons who behave in a way that is inconsistent with the rights, freedoms, dignity and safety of others, or who jeopardises the integrity of Amplify will where possible be given the opportunity to rectify the situation. Where this is not possible or appropriate their membership will be terminated. Amplify will always give a full explanation of any decision to terminate membership.