Amplify at the UN OEWG

launch  Selma

In May, representatives of Amplify attended the second session of the open-ended working group (OEWG) on nuclear disarmament 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. There Amplify members engaged in a wide range of activities.

Highlights of the activities in Geneva include:

  • Official launch of Amplify at the welcome reception on April 30 (co-sponsored by ICAN and NGO Committee for Disarmament, Geneva)
  • On Wednesday 4 May, Setsuko Thurlow gave a moving testimony to at the plenary session of the OEWG. As part of her testimony she spoke about the hundreds of friends she lost on that fateful day at in Hiroshima at her all girls’ school, during which she referenced a visual aid that she had created in order to remember and honor her friends. Amplify members supported Setsuko by holding up the display so that all OEWG delegates could view it.
  • Prior to the commencement of the OEWG, a group of steering committee members drafted the Amplify working paper and it was submitted to the OEWG secretariat.  On Wednesday 11 May it was made into an official UN document: WP NGO 26.
  • On Wednesday 11 May Amplify members were invited to have a dialogue with Michael Douglas and UN ODA High Representative Mr. Kim Won-Soo on nuclear disarmament issues and civil society efforts. During the meeting we were able to share the purpose of Amplify, its goals, strategy and objectives. We were also able to stress the importance of ‘meaningful’ youth participation in nuclear disarmament discussions.
  • On Thursday 12 May, during Panel VI “On other measures that could contribute to taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations” Amplify members listened intently to the session and drafted a statement. It was delivered by Selma van Oostwaard, one of Amplify’s co-chairs.
  • On Thursday 12 May, Alex, a steering committee member, gave a 5-minute presentation on the International Youth Summit and it’s culmination into Amplify at the “Global support and political will for nuclear disarmament” side event held at the OEWG.
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