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Amplify Youth Network


Amplify is a growing international network of the younger generation of leaders in the field of nuclear abolition. We see the potential for a world without nuclear weapons; we see the potential for security not based on fear but on diplomacy, cooperation and trust. We seek human security and sustainability, which are impossible to achieve fully in the presence of nuclear weapons.

The Amplify network is uniting youth from all over the world to create opportunities for future collaborations transcending strategic differences. Our common goal is to amplify and strengthen the call for complete nuclear abolition by taking action, raising our voices and pursuing nuclear abolition in our communities and countries.


Amplify supports young people’s involvement, activities and actions for nuclear abolition. The network also aims to help empower young people who are new to this cause by providing information and resources to learn about the issues and to connect with other youth taking action.

By joining the Amplify network you:

  • Are provided with an open forum (website and social media) to learn about nuclear
  • disarmament issues
  • Are connected with other youth from all over the world taking action for nuclear abolition
  • Can ask for advice and/or support for nuclear disarmament projects from the Amplify Steering Committee and network members
  • Can request a peer review (on academic paper, article, blog review, events etc.) from other Amplify network members
  • Can promote your nuclear abolition action or event on the Amplify website and social media channels (provided that it meets the guidelines of the Amplify network)


The Amplify network is growing and is open to everyone who:

Is committed to the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Is in their mid-30s and under

Signed on to the Youth Pledge

Agrees with the Amplify values and ethics

Amplify - Generation Of Change